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This paper discusses the importance of city space for humans who live in it in
 the anthology of Salome and Orang-Orang Balikpapan. It uses sociological theory
 of literature and a theory of urban space. This study analyzes the position of
 humans in urban space and the importance of urban space for humans who
 live in it. Human position is displayed in various socio-economic classes.
Therefore, relations between people in those various socio-economic classes
 will also be analyzed. It shows that the journey of human beings maintaining
their existence in the city space brings together humans to other humans with
 various social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Humans who migrate to
urban spaces find attention and empathy from the others so that they can find
new family and homes. The defense of their existence that is full of competition
 can cause other humans to develop empathy. In urban space, humans do not only
buy and sale things, demand rights, and carry out obligations, but also can stil
l show empathy to the others. Empathy demonstrated through attention to the
development of others, especially children, is also a form of empathy that is
very beneficial to the others. Short stories in Salome and Orang-Orang Balikpapan
show humans in the urban space who maintain their social values in their intense
competition maintaining their existence.


human, city, existence

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