Journal History

Kandai was first published in 2005. The name of Kandai had undergone the following changes: Kandai Majalah Illmiah Bahasa dan Sastra (2005) and Kandai Jurnal Bahasa dan Sastra (2010). Since the name of journal should refer to the name that was registered on official document SK ISSN, in 2016 Kandai started publish issues with the name of Kandai (refer to SK ISSN No. 0004.091/JI.3.02/SK.ISSN/2006 dated February 7th, 2006, stating that ISSN 1907-204X printed version uses the (only) name of Kandai). In 2017, Kandai has started to publish in electronic version under the name of Kandai, e-ISSN 2527-5968.