Exploring the use of MIM in online flipped BIPA classrooms in South Korea: a pragmatic review

Nur Utami Sari'at Kurniati, Ummi Hani Abu Hassan


This study examines to what extent a mobile instant messenger (MIM) is effective in online flipped BIPA (Indonesian as a Foreign Language) classrooms in enhancing learners’ pragmatic competence. The proposed approach is applied to an undergraduate introductory course on Indonesian language in South Korea. Learners are exposed to the lecture contents prior to the lecture time and the MIM is used for group discussion during the online sessions. Questionnaire distribution and participatory observation are used as techniques to collect the data and the results reveal that this approach helps them understand the course concepts better and helps them involved in an interactive and collaborative learning environment. Learners also produce sentences proper for the situation and perform appropriate speech acts to their peers.


mobile instant messaging; flipped learning; Indonesian as a foreign language, BIPA/IFL, pragmatics

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26499/jbipa.v5i2.6322


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