Desain materi pengajaran Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing dalam ranah komunikasi bisnis: analisis kebutuhan dan perspektif mahasiswa asing

Nais Ambasari, Ari Nursenja Rivanti


This study aims to find out what foreign students’ in learning Indonesian language for business course to improve the materials design. Since Indonesia is a country that has the fourth largest population in the world and one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia. Therefore, the Indonesian language has a very important role for foreigners who want to do business in Indonesia or work with Indonesian companies. Then, for preparing the readiness of the graduates to work at such company, there is BIPA for Business course that must be taken by BIPA learner. However, the materials which are taught to students, so far, do not meet the students’ interest and need. That is why this study conducted to put the students first in improving materials. This quantitative and qualitative study used needs analysis theory. Questionnaire and interview were conducted to collect the data and get all information to improve the materials design of BIPA for Business Course. The participants of this study were a BIPA teacher, one HRD of multinational company, and 18 students of BIPA learner. The finding of this study shows several materials needed by students and it can be implemented in BIPA for Business course.


need analysis; BIPA for business; material design.

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