Pembelajaran BIPA untuk tujuan profesional di La Rochelle Université Prancis

Dwi Winarsih


Developing BIPA for working and business purposes could be one of the strategies to attract BIPA learners by demonstrating its usefulness. Since 1997, an applied Indonesian language programme in trade, economics and international relations has been established in the Department of Applied Foreign Languages at the La Rochelle Université in France. Using a descriptive qualitative method based on data from teaching materials and observations of students' responses, this article describes the learning strategies implemented by the programme despite the lack of a national BIPA curriculum.  The aim of this article is to provide ideas for the development of a curriculum for BIPA for work and business purposes, which is currently being actively discussed by the Language Development and Fostering Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.


Foreign language for specific purposes; BIPA in La Rochelle Université France


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